Ponta Malongane Lodge

Diving Parque de Malongane Ponta Do Ouro Mozambique

If you and your family are seeking adventure abroad, Parque de Malongane Holiday Resort with its amazing beach, enchanting beauty, and wondrous reefs is the place where your thrist for freedom and excitement will be quenched. Parque de Malongane, also known as Ponta Malongane is one of the premium dive centres and adventure holiday resorts in Mozambique.

Parque de Molangane


Day Dive - Low Season R220.00 Refill, Boat charter (min 5 paying divers per boat) - Pre Booked
Day Dive - High/Prime Season R 235.00 Refill, Boat charter (min 5 paying divers per boat) - Pre Booked
Day Dive - Paid in the Resort R 265.00 Refill, Boat charter ( PAID IN THE RESORT e.g not pre-booked)
Night Dive (excludes Cylume & dive torch) R 300.00
Cylume (paid extra for at Dive Camp) R 25.00 Refill,
Boat charter (min 8 divers per boat) - Booked and paid in the resort prior to dive
Passengers R 100.00 Going out with divers. Subject to available space and age
Snorkelling/Ocean Safaris
- Low Season R 200.00
- High/Prime Season R 200.00
Per person.
Boat charter (minimum of 8 people and between 50 minutes and 75 minutes maximum per trip)
Reef Tax R 25.00 Payable per diver at the Dive Camp - valid for 7 days

We do not launch for less than 2 paying divers. 3-4 divers will be charged a surcharge of R100 per person.
Reefs chosen to dive will be for the resorts discretion

BC R 45.00
Regulator R 55.00
Cylinder R 45.00
Wet Suit R 45.00
Fins (closed heel) R 30.00
Weight Belt R 30.00
Mask & Snorkel R 30.00
Full Kit Hire * R 170.00
* 5 pieces of scuba gear or more
Loss of equipment cost tbe confirmed and paid in the Dive Camp