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A warm welcome to Baobab Lodge Vilanculos Mozambique, offers a rang of self catering accommodation and camping for an exciting beach holiday with family and friends. This vacation spot is situated direct on the on the beach, were you can enjoy fishing, snorkeling and windsufing.

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Baobab Lodge Mozambique Baobab is a backpackpackers' place, and camping and cheap beds in dormitories are available. There are also several gorgeous separate circular chalets, built from local materials (palm leaves/wood) which are absolutely idyllic.

The setting, right down on the beach by an enormous Baobab Tree makes it one of the most beautiful and romantic cheap places to stay in the world.

It's a 5-10 minute walk from the main street in the centre of Vilanculos, down towards the beach and along to the right - everyone knows where it is.

Baobab Beach is an affordable beach resort situated on the coast of Mozambique near the seaside town Vilanculos. The warm Agulhas current of the Indian Ocean brings with it a stream of diverse and marvelous sea-life such as whales, dolphins, sharks and fish species large and small and as varied and unique as the people who live in this beautiful country where the cultures of the Portuguese, Arabs and Africans have merged. The islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago lay waiting in the hot African sun.

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Situated direct on the beach and just a kilometer from the colorful central market. Baobab Beach looks out over the azure seas and shifting sands of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Baobab offers self catering kitchen, fresh seafood e.g. prawns, calamari, crayfish, fish and the best pizzas in town.

Baobab Lodge Reservations:

Baobab Lodge Mozambique Baobab Lodge Mozambique Baobab Lodge Mozambique

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