Responsible Tourism in Mozambique

Mozambique offers unique opportunities to explore land and ocean previously untouched by tourism. While visiting there are a number of things you can do as a responsible tourist to help maintain this untouched feel.

Three basic rules:
  • Do not buy shells or coral
  • Do not litter
  • Do not give cash to beggers

Do Not Buy Shells or Coral

The shells you may see for sale have been "harvested" while still alive from the ocean. Please do not encourage the sellers to "harvest" more marine life by buying these shells. There are a number of places where you may come accross small and beautiful shells while beach combing, we would encourage visitors to leave as many of these as possible for the next visitor to appreciate. Remember that some areas (Quirimbas and Bazaruto in particular) are protected and shells should not be removed from these areas. Coral should never be removed from any area, this supports a diverse and sensitive ecosystem, just touching the coral causes irreversable damage and vast areas of coral reefs have been killed in this way.

Do not Litter

This may seem obvious, but still it seems a concept which is widely accepted and yet little put into practice. Litter is a problem in most African countries with "fields" of plastic bags and burning rubbish to be found near most large populations. Set a good example while visiting and don't add to the problems.

Do not give cash to beggers

While on holiday you may encounter a number of beggers, particularly at airports and around bus stations. Although it seems like a charitable act to give to these beggers it does in fact encourage unnecessary begging and in many areas of Africa has become more and more persistent and threatening, in some cases leading to violent encounters. Begging is often used as a distraction technique for pickpockets and theives, so be alert and make sure you walk or drive away with all that you started with! If you want to make a real difference we can recommend well run and worthwhile charities where the money will go to those who need it most.