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Guludo Beach Lodge


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Guludo Beach Lodge Mozambique

Step off your veranda to an idyllic white, tropical beach stretching as far as your eyes can see.
Each room spectacularly over looks Guludo's famous beach, declared one of the top 20 deserted beaches in the world by The Observer.
The lodge has been designed by award-winning architects, Cullum & Nightingale, to ingeniously blended luxury with a mix of traditional and contemporary styles and with the highest of environmental and social integrity.
Each of our Bandas (rooms) has been carefully designed so you can watch the sun spectacularly rise over neighbouring Rolas Island through bleary eyes from the comfort of your own, extravagant king-sized bed. Only the occasional monkey playing in your hammock can disturb the peace!

We offer 4 types of accommodation; Adobe Bandas, Tented Bandas, Family Banda and Zala Suite.

Guludo Lodge:
Squeezed between the dazzling Indian Ocean and wild African bush, Guludo Beach Lodge overlooks undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Mozambique. In the north of the Quirimbas National Park; Guludo boasts incredible wildlife, above and below the warm waters edge. Guludo Beach Lodge is perfectly situated to discover these wonders including diving the pristine coral reefs, exploring the islands, soaking up the rich local culture as well as taking in the vast African bush. Guludo; a tropical, barefoot paradise, on a deserted, powder white beach. Lapping turquoise waters, rustling palms and a sultry sun guarantee complete tranquility. Guludo has a rustic exclusivity with spacious, beach-front bandas and an intimate feel with character filled service and an exotic, fresh seafood-based cuisine. The perfection of Guludo is sealed in its design, ensuring the presence of each guest actively benefits the local community and environment just by being there.

The spacious tented bandas at Guludo Beach Lodge give panoramic views through the netted walls, creating a feeling of being outside while inside. Raised bedrooms sit under an expansive palm-thatched roof, opening upwards and outwards to make the most of the stunning sea views and cooling sea breeze. Each of the nine tented-bandas at Guludo have a quirky alfresco marbled bathroom.

Area Attractions
Quirimbas Archipelago Scuba Diving:
Guludo Beach Lodge Guludo is perfectly positioned to dive some of the best, and most pristine, coral reefs in the world. Opposite Guludo's calm bay is the Quirimbas Archipelago's fringing reef with breath-taking coral diversity as well as copious schools of game fish, turtles, sharks and, at the right time of year, humpback whales.
Elephant Lookout This viewpoint is one of the very few places possible to view elephants during the day. Also, here you are likely to see antelopes, primates, warthogs and, if youre lucky, some of the large cats.
Mangrove Paddle Tour Paddle through the mystic mangrove forests South of Guludo are expansive mangrove forests with endless channels disappearing deep into the forest where birds, crabs and primates live in a peaceful, tidal wonderland.
Sunset Dhow Sail Go for a sunset sail on our famous tradtional dhow, Mustajabo, made by hand in Guludo village.

About Guludo
Our idea was to create an innovative and sustainable model to relieve poverty and protect the environment. The result was Guludo Beach Lodge and its associated charity, Nema Foundation.
Donating 5% of its income to the charity, the lodge maximises the benefits to the local area whilst the charity, Nema Foundation implements a wide array of community and conservation projects. Although in its infancy, this model has since become an award-winning and internationally applauded strategy for addressing extreme rural poverty and environmental degradation.
Guludo is part of a larger model set up to relieve poverty and protect the environment.

The Power of a Dream
Guludo was set up by Amy and Neal Carter-James, a young English couple who passionately believed that a quality tourism product could be a powerful tool to enable poor, rural communities to work their way out of poverty. Mozambique was the chosen as the location, despite neither of them having previously been, simply because of it's fantastic tourism potential alongside extreme rural poverty; a place they believe they could have maximum impact and bring most benefits. The dream started to be realised in late 2002 during a moonlit community meeting in Guludo village, when their response to our question "would you like to work with us to realise this dream" was a resounding "yes, when can you start?"
Now, the dream really has been realised, although there is still plenty of work to be done.
The journey so far certainly has been eventful to say the least. If you're ever in Guludo with Neal and Amy you may hear some of the unbelievable adventures that have led to the success of Guludo Beach Lodge.

The Future
Inspired by the people living in the Guludo area, Guludo Beach Lodge is just the beginning. Like many entrepreneurs, ideas are always abound and you never quite know what's just around the corner in their quest of using business to relieve poverty...

The Foundation
Nema Foundation was established by the owners of Guludo Beach Lodge to work in the areas around the lodge to achieve their charitable goals.
Nema currently works with 12 communities around Guludo, approximately 15,000 people. Some of Nema's current activities and achievements thus far include;
- Feeding 500 children one nutritious school meal every day
- Providing clean water for over 12,000 people from 29 water points.
- Providing over 4,400 mosquito nets to mothers of young children.
- Currently fund 79 Secondary School Scholars.

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Customer comments on Guludo Beach Lodge

Feedback comments
Guludo is not only a romantic getaway but also a stunning project: environmental sustainability and local community support.
Great things are: bandas design (you should see the shower!!), monkeys everyday in front of the room, showering under the stars, great food, great staff, humpback whales (yes, yes... we said whales!!! if you go whale watching of course) and a local village close by (do go and visit it... it's an incredible experience). Sea view is ensured, even from the toilet (actually, you can get a stunning view from there!!!). From the bandas (accommodation) you can feel the wind, hear the sea, see the stars... you are not closed into a room but you become part of nature, even if pampered by exclusivity and total privacy. We went barefoot the entire of our stay!
Important to know for those used to switching on tv when they get back to their room and keeping in contact with the outer world through their mobile that this is not the place to be. Guludo has no electricity (even though you can charge your cameras/electric equipment in the manager office for a few hours a day) and therefore also no tap water running. No mobile connection is available.
That being said, we found the place amazing...
The new bandas are recommended: some friends staying in the tents were not as lucky as we were as the tents can be too exposed to the weather and you have to share toilet.
Drawbacks are: activities cost a lot (so make sure that you account for them and be aware that you are definitely going to go for them), breakfast is a bit slow (account for 1h), sea is not so beautiful (but a very nice island and beaches are a few minutes away... unfortunately these are activities you have to pay for).
Date of Visit: March 2009 Name of Guests: Milan Italy
Feedback comments
I chose Guludo for a bush/beach weekend break from the busy city (Pretoria, SA) routine and was more than happy with my choice.
They have the perfect tropical paradise (12 km long!) beach setting.
And being on the mainland you miss on the claustrophobic feeling that comes with small islands.
The lodge is not far from local fishing communities, so you do mingle with them on the beach, and I do see this as a bonus. Apparently my stay there contributes both directly and indirectly for the local communities' well being. And they are very friendly in return and one feels very safe.
This lodge is also my type of lodge being rustic and lacking electricity and running water. One gets private bushshowers, which are more than enough. I remember I preferred staying in one of their tents, but did not regret at all being accommodated in on of their new designer's "eco-bandas". I can appreciate the excellent taste of the architect/designer of these.
The lodge is run quite effectively by a bunch of young British people, most of them on 1 or 2 year contracts, very enthusiastic about their jobs (and the good causes supported by the lodge) an very professional. Service was immaculate.
Diving was also great in terms of number of turtles encountered :-)
Well, one thing that I aslo enjoyed a lot, was the lodge being quiet this time of year. It was only me and another very nice couple from Canada . I can imagine, that during peak times, it could get a bit overcrowded in the bar/dining area. Especially if it starts raining and everyone tries to fit in the limited roofed space. But this is compensated by the space one gets on the beach when it's not raining.
The transfer from Pemba is quite a pleasant 4 hours scenic drive on good roads. Unfortunately my flight arrived 1:30 hours late, so most of the drive was in the dark.
You don't have much of choice when it comes to the dining experience. You can expect the catch of the day. And you don't expect sophisticated cuisine in a bush environment. And there comes the nice surprise - the cooking was so good, so it wins my gold medal among several similar class establishments in the area.
Bottomline - this lodge is excellent. I can only wish them to keep the good work.
Date of Visit: Nov 2008
Name of Guests: Sofia, Bulgaria
Feedback comments
We stayed here for a week we travelled overland from Tanzania (apparently the first guests to try this...) which took about 2 days, there are easier ways to do it but we enjoyed the journey and experiencing the bigness of africa. Guludo is 'barefoot' luxury - no electricity, safari style tents but comfy beds and very atmospheric - a major highlight is being able to see the moonlight on the sea when you're in bed. the fresh sea food was delicious (not a place to go if you don't eat seafood!!) and the service charming. Does help the guilt of enjoying your holiday to know that the lodge puts something back into the local community and it was great to see some of the projects in action on a trip to the village.
Date of Visit: Nov 2008 Name of Guests: Jack London
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