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Information on crossing the border to Mozambique, driving distances, fuel costs and routes to popular areas of Mozambique also passport and visa information.

Passports and Visas

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UPDATE regulations in 2014: Visa legislation stating that border visas are only issued to people travelling from countries where there is no Mozambican consular representation is now being strictly enforced.
NEW regulations in 2009: Road Safety Triangles and Flourescent Vest Requirements

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Paperwork required for taking a vehicle across the border into Mozambqiue

Passport requirements

Visa's for Mozambique

Fuel prices


Everyone needs a passport to enter Mozambique.

  • It must be current and valid for 6 months (some borders are not so fussy on this but under 30 days becomes a problem)
  • It must be your passport
  • Two clear pages are required
  • Torn, wet, grubby passports especially where the picture or pages are damaged may be refused entry


Those holding passports from Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe do not need a visa but at the border they will still charge a R17 'admin fee'. However, If a person is travelling to Mozambique for work purposes, they must obtain a work or business visa before travelling no matter which country they are travelling from or what their nationality.

Other Nationality passports:
Most other nationalities require a visa, these can be obtained from an embassy in advance. Cost varies. UK High Commission for Mozambique:

Countries exempt from Tourist Visa
The following information does not apply to citizens of the Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe as they do not require an entry visa, when traveling to Mozambique for Tourism (when travelling for work the appropriate visa must be obtained before arrival).

Tourism Visas
If a person is travelling from a country which has a Mozambican consulate which issues visas then a work, business or tourism visa must be applied for before travelling.

According to the legislation border visas (visas which may be issued at airports and land borders on arrival) are only issued to people travelling for purposes of tourism, and only for people coming from countries where there is no Mozambican consular representation. This legislation which previously was applied in a relaxed manner is now being strictly enforced at most ports of entry.

People travelling for tourism purposes and coming from countries which do not have a Mozambican consular representation must present on entry: a passport with at least 6 months validity and several blank pages; a return air ticket (for air travellers); an invitation from family / friends that they are visiting or a confirmed hotel reservation.

Issuing of a border visa for someone coming from a country with a Mozambican consulate who has not had time to apply for a visa is at the discretion of the immigration officials and will only be considered if the traveller can demonstrate that they have an urgent need for the visa, for example on compassionate grounds.

The application for a border visa more than three times in one year may be subject to question and applicants may be asked for additional documentation.

You may obtain your visa at your nearest Mozambique Consulate / Embassy or kindly contact the Mozambique High Commission in Pretoria South Africa for further assistance on +27 (0)12 401 0300/04 if there is no representative in your country.

Unabridged Birth Certificate For Minors
From 1 June 2015, the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa will require all passengers under 18 to travel with an Unabridged Birth Certificate.

What is it?
A new immigration law is coming into effect on 1 June 2015.
Under the new law, all minors under the age of 18 years will be required to produce, in addition to their passport, an Unabridged Birth Certificate (showing the particulars of both parents) when exiting and entering South African ports of entry.

Why is it happening?
This is being done to curb human trafficking. According to the Department of Home Affairs, 30 000 minors are trafficked through South African borders every year. 50% of these minors are under the age of 14.
When the new immigration regulation comes into effect on 1 June, it will be the responsibility of passengers to ensure their children have the correct documentation or risk being denied boarding. The new law will be enforced by airlines and immigration officials across the board (land, sea and air). Although airlines and travel agents are doing everything to keep passengers informed, ultimately it will be passengers’ responsibility to know what is required of them.

In all cases an Unabridged Birth Certificate will be required for minors departing and arriving in South Africa ... they will not be allowed to travel without it. In cases where the Unabridged Birth Certificate is in a language other than English, it must be accompanied by a sworn translation issued by a competent authority in the country concerned.

Children travelling with only one parent
When a child travels with only one parent, additional documents should include an affidavit in which the absent parent gives consent for the child to travel, a court order granting full parental responsibilities or legal guardianship of the child, or the death certificate of the absent parent. The affidavit should be no more than 3 months old from date of travel.

Children travelling without either parent
In the case of a child travelling with a person other than a parent, the Unabridged Birth Certificate must be supplemented by affidavits from the parents or legal guardians confirming that the child may travel with that person, copies of the ID documents or passports of the parents or legal guardian, and the contact details of the parents or legal guardian.

Similarly, a child travelling as an unaccompanied minor would have to produce not only the Unabridged Birth Certificate, but also proof of consent from both parents or legal guardians and contact details, plus documentation relating to the person receiving the child in South Africa. The latter documentation should include a letter stating the person’s contact details and residential address, contact details where the child will be residing, plus a copy of his or her ID document, passport or residence permit.

Application process for Unabridged Birth Certificates
· Apply at your nearest Home Affairs office where your Biometric information will be verified.
· Take your ID book along, as well as your child's ID number.
· All documents submitted must be originals or certified copies.
· The Unabridged Birth Certificate costs R75.
· It can take up to 8 weeks to acquire an Unabridged Birth Certificate from the date of application.

Since last year, Unabridged Birth Certificates have been issued automatically for newborns. If your infant was born after 14 March 2013, you should be in possession of a UBC.
Certified copies of documents are usually valid for 6 months only.
Don't delay applying for Unabridged Birth Certificates as the time frame for obtaining the documentation varies greatly, from a few weeks to several months.
Minors travelling in school groups or with their grandparents are not exempt from the requirement.

Who is exempt?
· The new law does not apply to children travelling domestically (E.g. Between Johannesburg and Cape Town).
· Minor passengers on a 'Cruise to Nowhere'. For example a cruise that departs Durban Harbour and returns to Durban Harbour, or a cruise that goes from Durban Harbour to Cape Town Harbour.

Important contacts:
Department of Home Affairs toll free hotline: 0800 60 11 90


Fuel Prices

Prices shown in Mozambique Meticais per litre.


Unleaded MT 48.52
Diesel MT 36.81

Info updated by:
Maputo Village
'Tranquility in the city'

Ponta Do Ouro

Unleaded MT 56
Diesel MT 42

Info updated by:
Kaya Kweru resort
'everyone is at home'

Xai Xai

Unleaded MT 49.61
Diesel MT 36.51

Info updated by:
Honeypot accommodation
'ideal stopover on the EN1'


Unleaded MT 49
Diesel MT 39.19
Info updated by:
Jolly Roger
'clean toilets, cool drinks friendly people on the road north '


Unleaded MT 50.84
Diesel MT 40.13
Info updated by:
Tofo Scuba
' the quality people to scuba dive with in Tofo'


Unleaded MT 52.59
Diesel MT 42.59
Info updated by:
Casa Rex
' making you so comfy you won't want to leave'


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