Guide to the Tete Corridor

Tete, Songo & the Cahorra Bassa Dam, North West Mozambique

The Tete corridor connects southern Mozambique with Malawi and is often used by overland tourists as an alternative to the Zambezi ferry crossings further east. The area is one of the hottest in Mozambique and is littered with mighty Baobab trees which have many legends associated with them and are considered sacred by many African cultures .

The Cahora Bassa Dam is the second largest in Africa and provides a tranquil setting for fishermen, regular fishing competitions are held here.


The city of Tete is divided by the mighty Zambezi river connected by the impressive suspension bridge (Ponte Presidente Samora Machel) built in the 1960's. The town was first populated by those in search of gold and is situated in a rich mining area. Most of the modern town is situated on the southern banks including the airport which has regular flights to & from Maputo and Beira, with some flights to Songo (for the Cahora Bassa Dam) and Chimoio (further south).

You will most likely be passing through rather than spending time in Tete, but while you are here:

  • Visit the fort of S. Tiago Maior
  • Visit the church of Baroma built by the Jesuits in the 19th century)
  • Take a couple of days to visit Songa and the Cahora Bass Dam

Songo & The Cahora Bassa Dam

The amzing engineering feat of th Cahora Bassa Dam which dams the Zambezi river is one of the worlds largest dams, and the second largest in Africa. The dam was originally built to store water and control flooding but was later extended to include a hydroelectric power station which sells excess power to South Africa. The lagoon created by the dam supports some semi-industrial fishing and a relaxing excursion for tourists travelling overland.

Songa itself is situated higher up the steep roads of gorge and is a pretty town with a couple of accommodation options and an excellent restaurant at the Social Club, but most tourists will prefer to stay at the lagoon side fishing lodge where day trips can be taken to see the dam wall, waterfall and hippo pools. It is also possible for the more adventurous to take a camping trip to one of the small islands in the lagoon.

The well maintained road from Tete is sealed all the way to Songo and there are some scheduled flights from Tete although most flights here are charters. It is possible to arrange transfers from Songo or Tete airport to the lodge on the banks of the lagoon.