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A warm welcome to Dolphin Encountours Ponta do Ouro Mozambique, Dolphin Encountours initiated Africa's first dolphin swim program in 1996 after a two year trial period in Ponta do Ouro, Southern Mozambique. Leave all your worries behind and enjoy this magical and quaint beach camp, hammocks, wind chimes, beanbags and nature are the order of the day and of course the amazing interaction of swimming with Dolphins.

Angie's Dolphin Center is based in Ponta do Ouro and was founded for the purpose of educational and ethical wild dolphin in-water encountours that would fund the longterm monitoring of the local Dolphins of Ponta when she moved to Mozambique in 1999. Angie's love & dedication to the dolphins and citizen science saw the birth of what was to be Africa's first structured wild dolphin swim facility in Africa to offer encounters with marine mammals.

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A journey of discovery awaits you. Educate yourself, enlighten your life and evolve as you come into contact with the resident dolphins of Southern Mozambique, on their terms. No feeding, no harassment. Just you and the dolphins, face to face in the big blue!

Our Mission
Ensure our motto "for the love of dolphins" is incorporated into everything we do. Create a sustainable world for marine mammals through education, research and conservation. Operate in integrity and strive towards creating a safe environment in which inter-species relationships can be explored. Facilitate a dolphin swim program that is profoundly educational and beneficial to being human.

Dolphin Encountours initiated Africa's first dolphin swim program in 1996 after a two year trial period in Ponta do Ouro, Southern Mozambique. During this period co-founder's embarked on establishing Africa's first Dolphin Swim and Research Center. A strict code of conduct was developed based on advise and guidelines from international and local marine mammal experts, resulting in a program that allows close interactions on the dolphin's terms.

A beckoning to share the wonder of dolphins with man as well as a profound sense to protect and learn from them has developed unique inter-species relationships, where both species seemingly benefit from the social interactions.

Ongoing research in calibration with The Natural History Museum in Maputo and various other institutes ensures that programs are run with high standards, where observations are strictly monitored and daily data is collected. Much care is taken when working with this dolphin society as crew regard cetaceans {dolphins and whale} as highly intelligent beings that have emotion and thus experience joy and pain.

A number of swim programs are available for families, individuals, the holistically minded and researchers. Special needs tours can be arranged on request catering for the physically and mentally challenged.

Accommodation at Dolphin Encountours , Ponta do Ouro

All programs are based on our Dolphin Eco-Tour and include the below:
Daily field trips to encounter dolphins
Pre-training - snorkeling, safety, ecology
DCA code of conduct & club membership card
Three nights lodging in Ponta do Ouro
Brunches after field trips & two dinners
Transfers to and from the launch site
Image downloads & Tribe T-shirt!
Group discounts available. Ideal workshop and holistic retreat activity.
Brunches Daily
Three Course Dinners - One night own account to dine in village.
Unlimited tea and coffee

Four Day EnCOuntour:
Imagine...slipping into the indian ocean and coming face to face with one of creations most intelligent beings, the bottlenose dolphin. On the southern most shores of Mozambique, this dream has become a reality for those seeking a profound experience with dolphins.

Dolphin EnCOuntours founded Africa’s first structured wild dolphin swim program that saw the terms circle swimming and conscious interaction being adopted by crew and guests to explain the ‘social’ behaviors of dolphins towards humans.

Through the specially formulated DCA code of conduct, both participants and dolphins know exactly what to expect, thus creating a safe environment for encounters to take place.

The program is the perfect holiday remedy and caters for families from all walks of like. The experience is fun and purposeful and you will leave having gained on many levels.

Encountours are scheduled throughout the year with start days being most mondays and thursdays.

The Marine Magafauna of Ponta
If you venture out to sea, it is quite possible that you may find yourself in the company of wild dolphins and their cousins the whales. Mozambique’s extensive coastline is home to some 27 different species of cetaceans (dolphins, whales and dugong) some whom inhabit the shallows and some the deep. Within the waters a number of species have been recored regularly with a few ‘unusuals’ purely from stranding dataApart from our beuatiful and friendly dolphins, one could also chance upon the gentle giant of the ocean - the whale shark, or the angels of the sea, the manta rays. While over the reef and at sea it is also possible to see turtles and rays are often encountered while snorkeling, together with a myriad of different reef fish and corals.

Our semi/resident resident Indian Ocean or Inshore Bottlenose dolphins together with the Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphin are both cross border species who are regularly sighted moving between the Kosi Bay Sanctuary and the Ponta Partial Marine Reserve. Both are coastal dolphins which means they spend much time traversing the shallows where they can be found most days frolicking in the surf, resting, foraging and socializing. Their oceanic cousins the Spinner and Spotted dolphins are encountered less frequently as they inhabit the deep, traveling in large pods often together. Six months of the year (June to Nov) sees the annual migration of the humpback whale take place. The sheer enormity and beauty of these creatures leaves one

We invite you to take the plunge, face your fears & experience something truly magical when coming face to face with wild dolphins; sentient, non-human persons who allow us to experience their true essence of being wild & free while in the company of a small team of conservation orientated individuals who strive to create a safe space for marine mammal encounters to take place in the open ocean. Angie share's a 21 year bond with the local dolphins having known many of them most of their lives. We strive to create a space for interspecies engagements to take place and offer a unique one on one experience with wild dolphins that works within the realms of conscious interaction.

We offer research motivated boat based activities which focus on in-water experiences to engage with wild dolphins, on their terms as well as volunteer and internships stays.


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