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Dumela Guinjata Mozambique

Welcome to Dumela, enjoy a stay at Dumela in the Guinjata area of Mozambique, all the information you need about accommodation prices how to book a room and directions to Dumela Guinjata Mozambique. See you soon

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Welcome to Dumela Luxury family villa.
This luxury family villa (8 persons) is located on top of a dune and has full sea view over Guinjata Bay.

This bay in the Inhambane province is the perfect place for relaxing, diving, snorkelling, fishing or a cultural experience.
The quiet and almost private beach is at the foot of the dune. Diving schools, Fish safari companies, restaurants and pubs are only a short beach walk away (5 minutes).

The villa is situated in Cumbini resort, a 6 years young, small, quiet and secure resort with lots of facilities, and which is uniquely located amongst an array of more than 500 coconut palms.
4X4 vehicles can comfortably reach the resort. Other vehicles with rear “diff-lock” configuration and well deflated tyres, can also reach the resort. Safe parking for smaller 2-wheel drive bakkies and passenger cars is available within 1.5 kilometres of the resort.

The villa:
Dumela is a spacious and atmospheric family villa for 8 persons located on top of a dune with full seaview.
The Villa has four bedrooms en suite and a fully equipped open plan kitchen/dining room with gas stove/oven, refrigerator and freezer.
Two bedrooms are seafront facing. The thatched roof and the local made wooden furniture give the Villa the real Mozambican touch. The veranda gives you enough space to relax and enjoy the beautiful view on Guinjata bay.


· Private braai (only allowed to use with permission, charcoal at reception)
· Two bathrooms with toilet
· Under roof parking
· Luxury mosquito nets and all bedding included (towels on request)
· Hot and cold water, suitable for drinking
· Outdoor shower (cold)
· 24h Electricity (standby generator)
· Washing lines

Dumela offers a perfect place to relax. The villa is situated in a quiet part, north of the Guinjata bay area, with its own - almost private - beach (vehicles not allowed). The private and spacious veranda with full sea view, the beach on walking distance and lot’s of activities for the whole family within 5 minutes from the villa.

The beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Ideal for diving and fishing, but also for relaxing in the pleasant shade of coconut trees. Far from other common destinations, it retains the wild air, peace and quiet. A sandy beach to lose almost anyone's sight, immaculate sand, a sea of rioting waves and silence!

Cumbini Resort:
Dumela Villa is part of the Cumbini Resort which is a young resort named after a local family named ‘Cumbi” and that is uniquely located amongst an array of more than 500 coconut palms.
The resort is situated in a quiet part, north of the Guinjata bay area, and has its own - almost private - beach without vehicles parked on it.
A five minute walk brings you to a busy beach with some nice restaurants, bars, dive centres, dive shops and curio stalls, offering local arts and crafts for sale. Paddle ski’s and surfboards are available to rent at the dive shop.

Easy access:
4X4 vehicles can comfortably reach the resort. Other vehicles with rear “diff-lock” configuration and well deflated tyres, can also reach Cumbini. Safe parking for smaller 2-wheel drive bakkies and passenger cars, is available within 1.5 kilometres from our resort.

General services & facilities:
· Restaurants within 500 meters from the resort
· Private reliable servants (about R90 per day)
· Shuttle service from Inhambane Airport
· Security (alarm systems and security guards 24 hours)
· Booking services (diving & fishing etc.)
· Basic supermarket nearby (incl. bakery)
· Cell phone coverage: Vodacom en M cell, international roaming
· Internet access (laptop computer with modem required)
· Anti Malaria spray program (all buildings)
· Shaded and clean fish cleaning slab
· Compressed air at reception for tyre inflation on departure
· Safe boat parking and washing area
· Resort within 1.5 km from new petrol/diesel filling station (currently under construction)
· Safe parking for vehicles by the beach
· Workshop facilities available for emergency mechanical repairs to trailers etc.

What to bring yourself:
· Towels
· Food (Please note that meat from South Africa has to be sealed!)
· Sun cream
· If you come with small children: bring your own child cot and chair

Route description:
· Follow EN1 till Maputo (from the direction op Neilspruit)
· Continue on the EN1 in the direction of XAI XAI/BEIRA
· Take turn off to Inhambane
· Follow road for 27.5 km
· Take turn off at the signboards indicating to Guinjata bay and other resorts. (dirt road)
· Follow the dirt road for 16 km until you reach a junction (small shopping area). Keep left here and travel for a further 2 km (4x4 will be necessary) until you reach Cumbini Resort on your left.
· Here you will find the entrance of Cumbini Resort

GPS co-ordinates
S 24’03.825’
E 035’29.443’

Overnight facilities:
Popular overnight facilities are the Blue Anchor and Casa Lisa which are located 45km north of Maputo. Another overnight by the name Honey Pot is situated near Xai-xai, (approximately 200 km north of Maputo).

Drive safely:
The road via Nelspruit and Maputo to the north is a good and safe road to travel. Road construction is however in process for approximately 100 km north of Xai-xai. Always wear safety belts and do not exceed speed limits (100 km/h on the open road and 60km/h through villages).

Be sure that you have:
· Two triangles in your car
· A reflector vest
· In case of a boat or trailer: A triangle sticker on the front of your car and on the back of your trailer.
· A letter of authority if the driver of a vehicle is not the registered owner of it, e.g. company vehicle or still on HP.
· Your vehicle registration documents, temporary import and insurance papers and your driver’s licence available for inspection.

Diesel and petrol is generally available in most of the bigger towns, but make sure to fill up in Maputo and Xai-xai. The nearest filling station to the resort is in Inhambane town, 24 km north.

Whale shark diving:
This is one of the ‘must do’ activities in Guinjata bay, because you will dive in several world class, largely protected, and not overcrowded reefs. This bay offers diving challenges for beginners to advanced divers. The water temperature is lovely, from 29 degrees in summer to 22 degrees in winter, and visibility can be up to 40 metres!

Whale sharks and Manta Rays:
Besides the beautiful reefs, this part of the world is famous for its amazing sightings of Whale sharks and Manta Rays. Whale shark diving in their natural environment is a breathtaking and rewarding experience. The world’s biggest fish gliding slowly but gracefully past, within touching distance is impressive. The reefs also offers e.g. Frogfish, Sea horses, Turtles, Dolphins, Humpback Whales, Eels, Rays, Barracuda, Kingfish, Paper fish.

Manta Reef and more:
The Manta reef is a “must dive”, but there are much more beautiful reefs like:
· Paindane Express (19-40m),
· Coral Gardens (12m),
· Green Tree (25-30m+).

There is a variety of diving schools in the area that can assist the beginner who wants to learn how to dive, but also the more advanced diver who wants to improve or refresh his/her diving skills.

Snorkelling can be a real family activity in reefs like Lighthouse reef and Pandaine reef, which offer pool-like conditions (1-5 meter). Both reefs are marked as one of the best snorkelling spots of Mozambique.
In the area there are several diving companies who can organize a snorkelling safari for you and your family.

Whale shark diving:
The whale shark, the biggest fish
The Whale shark is the biggest fish in the sea and there are only a few whale species larger than it. Thought to reach up to a possible 20 meters and 34 tonnes it seems difficult to believe that Whale sharks feed on microscopic plankton rarely more than 3 mm in size. The combination of its immense size and characteristic checkerboard pattern makes the Whale Shark almost unmistakable and completely unforgettable.

Whale shark diving in their natural environment is a breathtaking and rewarding experience. The world's biggest fish gliding slowly but gracefully past, resplendent in its dappled skin, within touching distance and impassive to the presence of the onlooker. Many thousands of divers seek out this opportunity annually. This species, despite its enormous size, does not pose any significant danger to humans. They are actually quite gentle and can be playful with divers. Divers and snorkelers can swim with this giant fish without any risk apart from unintentionally being struck by the shark\'s large tail fin.

Code of conduct for Whale shark diving:
Whale sharks are passive creatures and can be agitated by aggressive behaviour such as being touched, or chased. It is as much a diver's responsibility as anyone else's to ensure the survival of Whale sharks for future generations. This means causing minimal disturbance to the sharks when approaching by boat or when diving. Although Whale sharks are harmless, their sheer size makes it necessary to exercise caution around them, especially at the tail end.

Swimmers and divers:
Take note
· Do not attempt to touch, ride, or chase a Whale shark
· Do not restrict normal movement or behaviour of the shark
· Maintain a minimum distance of 3 metres from the Whale shark
· Do not undertake flash photography
· Do not use underwater motorised diver propulsions

Inhamabane is one of the oldest towns in Mozambique and situated 25 kilometres from the villa. It has some great colonial architecture and is considered by many to be one of the prettiest towns in Mozambique.

Dhow cruise:
If you visit the town, don’t miss the following culture sights: the almost 200 year old Cathedral of Our Lady of Conception, the Governor’s Palace, the Municipal buildings, and the museum. As the town is set on the bay of Inhambane, you should go to the harbour, where you can enjoy a drink whilst watching the dhows cruise across the bay. You can hire a dhow to sail you around the bay or up to the Linga Linga Nature Reserve.

Thousands of Coconut palms:
The landscape surrounding Inhambane is dominated by thousands of coconut palms.This long stretch of coast line is by far the most developed in Mozambique as far as tourism is concerned.

Travel Information:
Dumela is situated in a malaria low risk area. The occurrence of malaria cases is very low, due tho the fact that the accommodation is situated near to the beach, experiencing a light breeze from the ocean most of the time, and that there are no swamps nearby. However, minor precautions are advised. The use of mosquito repellents and nets are recommended throughout the year.
Dumela villa has mosquito nets. As part of the Anti Malaria programme of the National Department of Health, all buildings in Cumbini Resorts, including Dumela villa are sprayed with insecticide. We would advise you to consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure of the precautions you need to take.

At the border:
Passing the border does not have to be a hassle if you prepare yourself well for it. South African residents do not need a visa, overseas tourists do need one. They can get a visa at the border (also at the airport in Inhambane) but it is advisable to get it beforehand at the Mozambican embassy.

Take with:
· Vehicle registration documents (original or certified copy)
· A letter of authority from the owner if the driver of a vehicle is not the registered owner
· A letter and certified copy of registration documents from the bank, if the vehicle is on hire purchase
· Registration documents of trailer (where applicable)
· Passports and ID documents
· Documentation at the border
· Pay border duties (about R17 per person)
· Temporary Import Permit for your car
· Take out temporary third party insurance (valid for 30 days)

Safety on the road:
The road via Nelspruit and Maputo is a good and safe road to travel. Improvements to the road surface are constantly in rocess. Except for the last 18 km being dirt road, the whole route is tarred road. Always wear safety belts and do not exceed the speed limits of 100km/h on the open road, and 60 km/h in built-up areas. Speed traps are present especially in the cities and small towns. Traffic Police normally don’t hassle tourists, but will stop and fine you if traffic regulations are ignored. Keep vehicle papers and drivers licence at hand for inspection.


Dumela Prices

Prices are per

Room Type


Mid Season

Low Season






















Type of Accommodation at Dumela

Self Catering

Room/Chalet equipment

Ensuite Bathroom
Cutlery & Crockery
Braai Facilities
Gas cooker



Towels Provided

On request

Distance from beach


Road Access

4wd - Sand

Collect from Border


Collect from Airport


Nearest Border

Komatipoort 434km

Airport Nearby

Inhambane 34Km

Credit cards accepted


Pet Policy

No Pets



Local Mobile Phone coverage


Power supply


Plug points

Mozambique electricity plug 2 Pin round

Activities/dive centre



Small Stalls

Shops nearby


Drinking Water


Mosquito nets provided



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