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Silverfish Lodge Barra Beach Mozambique

Welcome to Silverfish Lodge, enjoy a stay at Silverfish Lodge in the Barra Beach area of Mozambique, all the information you need about accommodation prices how to book a room and directions to Silverfish Lodge Barra Beach Mozambique. See you soon

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A warm welcome to Silverfish Lodge Barra Mozambique, here you can enjoy luxurious accommodation for a family vacation. Silverfish Lodge specialises in fishing packages and has a restaurant where you can enjoy the sunset from. The lodge has luxury chalets for the perfect holiday.

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Silver Fish Lodge in Mozambique is a full service Game Fishing Lodge specialising in Big Game Fishing and Bill Fishing. Our Luxury Fishing Lodge is situated on the estuary in Mongue, 17km north of Maxixe, in the province of Inhambane Bay.

We provide full Fishing packages, Meals and Luxury Accommodation and are able to cater for fifteen guests. We specialise in Saltwater Game Fishing, Saltwater Bill Fishing, Fly-fishing and Spear Fishing.

We aim to provide our guests with all that is required to experience the ultimate adventure – superb fishing, Luxury comfortable accommodation, excellent cuisine (please advise specific dietary requirements when booking) and a wide range of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

All we require is your presence, we will endeavour to meet and exceed your expectations to make your stay with us memorable!

Located between Palm trees, with its own private white sandy beach, guests have the choice of fishing the estuary on light tackle/ fly fishing, or venturing into the open seas via the always open mouth of the estuary to the bay of Inhambane and offshore in one of three available boats skippered by experienced fishing guides. A wide variety of species from a Half Beak in the estuary to Black Marlin offshore, and many other fish in between, can be caught in the area. We apply a stringent catch and release policy to ensure ocean conservation and natural resource preservation.

Accommodation at Silverfish Lodge, Barra Beach

2x Double Chalets
Each with two double beds/ or four single beds, full bathroom and lounge, with undercover patio.

4 x Single Chalets
Each with a single double bed/ or two single beds per room, with en-suite bathroom, hot water shower, toilet and basin, also with undercover patio.

Buildings are constructed with brick, thatch roofing, tiled flooring, ablution facilities, adequate exterior lighting and covered patio areas. Interiors are equipped with lighting, plug points, comfortable seating and sleeping (fresh linen and mosquito nets) and ceiling fans.

In addition, we have a restaurant equipped kitchen, laundry, Bar and Dining room with deck, Games room (equipped with pool table, table tennis table, dart board, reading room, and offer a variety of board and card games).

All units face the estuary with sea views and beach access is approx. 50 meters

Eating at Siverfish Lodge
Our resident chef is a local Mozambican, who specializes in seafood and Portuguese cuisine. Due to the nature of our operation, we have access to the best and freshest seafood. Other meat products are imported from neighbouring South Africa and of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on quality, preparation and service

Cereals, fresh homemade bread (baked daily), an assortment of fresh fruits and traditional English breakfasts ie. eggs, bacon, sausage, etc.

Two daily choices - eg. Fresh Tuna Salad or Beef Portuguese Prego Roll and Potato Fries

Lunch On The Move:
Packed boat lunches for the fishermen to avoid any interruption to your fishing expedition

King Prawns, Beef Steak, fresh Fish, Barbeques, Chicken, Calamari, Curries – (choice of two per day), fresh salads, fresh fruit and desserts eg. Coconut Cake and Chocolate Mousse amongst others

The bar is situated on the spring high tide mark and boasts the best view of the estuary at the lodge. A cash bar is available and we cater for a large range of tastes (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) .Should you have specific/exotic requirements, please advise prior to your arrival.

Cell Phone Reception
The Lodge has cellular phone reception and internet connectivity to check mail and keep in touch with your office/home – a perfect excuse for you to brag to all and sundry about the great fishing and hospitality you are enjoying!

Stunning restaurant with a deck, specializing in seafood and Portuguese cuisine. Our bar caters for a large range of tastes (alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages), cellphone and internet reception, Laundry facilities, games room with pool table, table tennis, dart board, reading room and a variety of board and card games.

Closest Town
Maxixe is situated 17 km away and stocks most supplies you may have forgotten to bring on your trip. Our vehicle goes into town on alternate days to stock up on fresh supplies. Should you require anything, we will gladly accommodate you.


Saltwater Game Fishing:
Mozambique offers some of the finest Game and Bill fishing in the world. There is a wide variety of pelagic open water game fish that frequent in excess of 2900 km coastline.

The water varies between 22-28 degrees Celsius, and is fed by the warm Mozambique current that flows from north to south, bringing rich nutrients and food. Due to this, there is an abundance of predators that feed off this supply, creating perfect fishing conditions.

Silver Fish Lodge is located in the bay of Inhambane, which is situated on the Tropic of Capricorn. The weather and temperature of the area and the structure of the sea floor around where the lodge is located ensures a unique and special experience. One of the reef system we navigate to is the world famous Manta Reef, off Barra Point. This reef has been voted one of the top ten dive sites in the world, attracting people from all over the world - to dive the reef and enjoy the interaction with and presence of mantas , whale sharks and whales (in winter) amongst a wide variety of other fish species.

The Luxury Fishing Lodge fishing tackle is maintained to the highest standard, stocking Shimano, Penn and Alutecnos . We use IGFA monofilament, with Flouro Carbon leaders, and Suffix braid. We constantly update our lures, and use new line after heavy utilization. We have 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 15, 24 and 37 kg rods and reels (sixty in total) - all types for all fishing applications. We use live bait, dead bait, drop shot, trolling, lure casting, jigging, spooning, and whatever is required to put you on the fish. There is no skimping on tackle - we understand the effort it takes to successfully hunt these magnificent beasts and be disappointed by sub grade tackle, a sad tale many a fisherman can relate to. Many clients prefer to bring their own tackle- we however, can (with confidence) assure you that our tackle can compete with and exceed the quality of any tackle that is available on the market.

Silver Fish Lodge is a specialist Game and Bill fishing Lodge,that primarily targets pelagic open water fish (not resident to any reef system). We are passionate about conservation, education and protection of our natural resources, endeavouring to maintain the ecosystem by avoiding the fishing of resident species. It is unknown where these game fish come from or where they go, but they frequent the area at certain times of the year, gorge themselves and move on – our Lodge staff know when this occurs and the seize the opportunity.

The area enjoys warm weather all year round with the summer months (November through April) reaching high temperatures, resulting in warm ocean conditions. During this period we have all the target species of fish. The winter months produce some species, but certainly not as abundant as the summer season.

Where else can one fish, catch up to eight different species of game fish in a single outing, in addition to having the distinct possibility of seeing Billfish?

We encourage release of breeding stock, and only harvest what we eat - we do not sell our catch.

Saltwater Bill Fishing:
There are few places in the world where you have the chance of achieving a “gram slam” (three billfish species which are the Swordfish, Sailfish and the Marlin) and even fewer places where you have the chance at a “fantasy slam” (five billfish species) in a 24 hour period.

Although very rare, the opportunity can present itself at our facility. Few people rise to this challenge, choosing to settle for the easy option – it requires considerably less effort to go to well known areas and pull out game fish by the dozen, in a short period of time.

Bill fish, specifically Marlin fishing, requires fitness, patience, time and perseverance. These fish are strong, fight the ultimate fishing fight and don’t give up, testing fisherman and tackle alike. It is one thing finding the fish, or raising the fish to where your baits are, another getting the fish to strike your baits, and another to get a hook up. Finally, when you have achieved all of this it requires tremendous effort to get your catch close enough to the vessel for the wireman to handle the leader and successfully release the fish. Many more Marlin are lost than caught!

In fishing sport nothing can equate to seeing your first Blue Marlin run off 300 - 400 metres on heavy tackle (24kg IGFA) , or a Sailfish first run on lighter tackle (10kg IGFA) at a speed that is beyond comprehension to the human senses. Bigger fish will spool you on 24kg tackle. The strength and tenacity of a Marlin is well documented, it is the penultimate fish to catch on rod and reel. When you are trolling and a pack of Striped Marlin hits your bait spread causing absolute mayhem and disappears in a timeframe of seconds, you know that you are up against the ultimate fishing adversary.

At Silver Fish Lodge, we can target Billfish for our clients, it is not incidental to game fishing, it is the main focus. We dedicate the hunt for these ultimate predators and release all catches in this field. Our clients typically dedicate a full week for the pursuit and catch of one of these fine specimens, it is not always guaranteed. Our guarantee is that the fish migrate to this area seasonally and we will utilize all collective skills and energy to put you on that fish – the ULTIMATE hunt.

Sailfish, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Short billed Spearfish and Broadbill are the billfish that we have access to in our area. The summer months, with warm waters and the North Easter blowing (at times) create perfect conditions for this hunt. Black Marlin range between 50 - 150 kg, some exceeding this general weight. The preferred tackle is 50 pd/ 24 kg tackle, fighting it standing with a harness .

Broadbill fishing in Mozambique is very rare, few people have the skills, equipment and intrinsic ability and knowledge to offer this service. You need to be prepared to spend nights out in the ocean at depths of around 500 metres, brave weather conditions (cold), and exercise extreme patience to get the opportunity of an encounter with this prehistoric fighter. We will oblige your request - subject to weather conditions.

Sailfish are more plentiful, and the easiest to catch of all the billfish, a real challenge to experienced fishermen on 6kg line. We prefer heavier tackle, it ensures a quick fight, catch and release with minimum trauma to the fish - long fights often result in increased mortality rates. The beauty in Bill fishing is that you inevitably catch other Game Fish as well, including the ocassional shark you have to contend with. Our area is home to Bull shark (aka Zambezi), Tiger shark and Hammerhead sharks, often these creatures win the battle!

We use live baiting and lure trolling. Our preference is trolling Marlin lures, it reduces trauma to the fish, with mouth hook ups instead of gut hook ups. Dedication is a prerequisite, but worth every iota when you can mark it off on your “bucket list” and boast being one of few people who can say I DID IT! I caught a Billfish!

We encourage the release of Game Fish (especially breeding size) and don’t harvest any Billfish.

Fly Fishing & the Estuary:
There are a few places off the Mozambique coastline where one has protected water for saltwater Fly-fishing. Being alongside the Estuary which is wind protected with flat water, we are able to easily accommodate fly-fishing.

“Reel Screamer” our resident fishing vessel, can host a party of two fly fishermen accompanied by one of our experienced fishing guides who has extensive knowledge of water conditions. We are located on the estuary and can fish within twenty metres of the deck, choosing to fish the estuary or Linga Linga Point, situated about two nautical miles away. Linga Linga Point is where the water from the Estuary flows into the sea, and vice versa, creating a perfect “ambush spot” for predators and hungry fish to frequent. The drop off at the Point is 20 metres deep, going up to sand banks of 2 metres. The volume of water that flows in and out of this system is phenomenal.

If your preference is to venture into the open ocean and sight fish, we can accommodate you. The recommendation is a 6-8 weight, with some floating and some sinking lines. We have limited fly equipment at the Silver Fish Lodge, as most fly fishermen bring their own tackle. We do, however, welcome fly fishing as we are familiar with the water in the area. Sail fishing on fly is possible - we will raise the fish with teasers and you will be given the opportunity to present your fly to the fish. Catching a sailfish on fly is an extremely rewarding challenge, we will assist you in achieving this.

At Linga Linga Point , at high tide, we have Great Barracuda, some King Fish species, Queen Fish, and Queen Mackerel at various times of the year. Alternatively, we can drop you on the beach and you can target some Kingies, and Wave Garrick in the waves.

Rock Salmon (Mangrove Snapper), Grunter and Rock Cod are the preferred species for the estuary.

Further up the estuary, where the water is less salty, it is unexplored, and presents more of a river flowing into the sea. The water has less salt and dark brown in colour. Keen fly fishermen have 15 miles of Estuary to navigate and explore by boat and plenty more by beach. Bird life is abundant, Flamingos being the most prevalent. Mangroves line the banks of the estuary, offering many creeks and paths. There are channels that always have water in them, even at spring low tide. The channels of the estuary need to be navigated and local knowledge is very important. One of our local Mozambican guides grew up in the area, his family can often be found fishing out of a makoro somewhere in the system - their local knowledge is invaluable.

Dolphins are often sighted in the Estuary hunting for the next meal. There is a folklore legend that dugongs (manatees) exist in the estuary, very rare – not having being spotted by many humans…… Local fishermen are present daily, fishing these waters with hand lines to catch small fish for consumption. There are plenty of blue and brown swimming crab, prawns at night, and the banks of the estuary have prolific numbers of baby crab that occupy the bank and water edge. Sea ballyhoo (Half beaks) are often spotted swimming in the channels of the estuary - A truly magnificent pristine salt and fresh water ecosystem.

No fish are harvested out of the estuary, for obvious reasons. We educate and conserve the people and area around us. It is a constant challenge as these people need food for survival.

Spear Fishing:
For those of you that prefer to go underwater to find your fish, this place will not disappoint. It is a reef that suffers little pressure of overexploitation.

The main reef system is about 5 miles out to sea and comes up from 45 m to some pinnacles of some 20m, then down to 60 on the offshore side. It is about 50m wide, and about 5 miles long. The reef system consists of mostly rock, with some caves. The current runs from north to south, so if the NE wind is blowing, then the conditions are clear vis (up to 20m). The water is about 21 Deg C in the winter months, and going up to 26 Deg C in the summer months.

There is another reef system that is further north, but shallower. This reef system is around 10 m, but far from beaches and also has little human predation. Here there is some coral, and usually plenty of Spanish mackerel, and Narrow Barred Mackerel.

There are many grouper (some of which are protected- Potato bass, for example) and plenty of reef fish. This is the reef where we do most of our fishing. You will see Great Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel, Narrow Barred Mackerel, Giant Trevally, Blue fin Trevally, Yellow spot Trevally, Bludger Trevally, Dorado, Wahoo, Green and Rusty Job fish, Queen fish, and the occasional Sailfish and Marlin. There is also Yellow fin Tuna, Bonito, Kawa Kawa and Skipjack Tuna.

We do not believe in a kill all policy, and encourage our guests to Trophy Hunt, and rather go for species, instead of numbers. We want this to be a sustainable resource, and be able to fish here for the rest of my lifetime and beyond. Fitness is a prerequisite and we prefer to take spearos who have some experience, as this is open water spear fishing. An ideal group is 3 to 4 spearos, as then the cost of the boat is reduced. Contact us for more information and let us tailor-make a spear fishing package for you.

Fishing Guide:
Our Fishing guides are the best in their field and have well honed skills as well as extensive experience in the local area.

Silver Fish Lodge has some of the best fishing guides in the big game fishing arena.

Etienne - Owner, Operator and Guide
Etienne has been fishing for 20 + years. He has competed competitively, and this is his passion. He has fished all over the world, including Florida East coast (us), Guatemala, Panama, Mauritius, Comores, Seychelles, Kenya, Gulf coast in the US, South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique. He has also fished the Zambezi River for Tiger Fish.

Been fishing Mozambique since 1994, shortly after the war stopped. Obtained his Skippers (Captains) license in 1986. His favourite catch is to put one of his guests on their personal best.

Alfie - Fishing Guide
Alfie, the Lodge Mozambican Skipper and Fishing Guide, hails from the Bazaruto Islands, having grown up and fished in the Bazaruto and Inhambane area for many years.

Descending from a family of ancestoral fishermen, he grew up in a fishing environment. Alfie parted with family tradition and ventured to Beira (Northern Mozambique) where he worked his way up on a prawn vessel to become a seasoned Helmsman.

Alfie reverted to his fishing roots and went to work at Bazaruto Lodge for twelve years as an experienced skipper and fishing guide, targeting mainly Marlin and Sailies. Venturing down south to Ponta d’ Ouro, Alfie worked as a deckhand on a fishing vessel and skipper on a dive boat.

Alfie has vast knowledge of rigging live baits and putting you on your dream billfish – his all time best being 5 sailies caught simultaneously, having landed all 5 fish, and has a personal best Black Marlin of approximate 350kg. As a fishing guide Alfie has landed more than 200 billfish.

Alfies favourite catches are - Marlin, Sailfish and Couta (King Mackeral), with the preferred method of using live baits, either trolled or drifted.

Boat Charter:
Silver Fish Lodge offers Deep Sea Fishing Charters.

• We will come and pick you up in the Inhambane Bay area by boat.
• Full day (8 hrs), or half day (5 hrs) charters available.
• Fuel, tackle, bait and soft drinks included.

3 boats available for Charter:

(27ft Mono)
max 6 plus skipper, and gilly

(18ft Cat)
max 4 plus skipper

Reel Screamer
(16ft Mono)
max 2.5 plus skipper

All our boats have experienced and qualified skippers, who know the area. We don't do bottom fishing, as we preserve our reefs. Eat the freshest fish tonight !!!!!

About Silverfish Lodge
Silver Fish Lodge is a Luxury Fishing Lodge in Mozambique. We specialise in:
• Saltwater Game Fishing
• Saltwater Bill Fishing
• Fly-fishing
• Spear Fishing

We aim to provide our guests with all that is required to experience the ultimate adventure – superb fishing, Luxury comfortable accommodation, excellent cuisine (please advise specific dietary requirements when booking) and a wide range of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) ... All we require is your presence, we will endeavour to meet and exceed your expectations to make your stay with us memorable!

This area of Mozambique falls within a malaria risk zone - consult your doctor prior to departure to ensure correct and adequate Malaria prevention medication dosage (specific to the region). The closest medical facility is approx 10 kilometres from the Lodge and is able to assist with most emergencies, if required.

Pesticide spraying is executed November through May in the camp area, but occasionally some mosquitoes manage to infiltrate. Guests are advised to wear protective clothing (long trousers and long sleeved shirts) in addition to spraying a mosquito repellant, particularly at dawn and dusk.

Children under the age of six are not recommended to visit the Lodge

Getting to Silverfish Lodge:

Air Travel to Silver Fish Lodge
Guests are encouraged to fly into Inhambane Airport (an hour and a half ex Oliver Thambo Airport Johannesburg, South Africa - LAM Airways flies this route four times per week (check for further details). You will be collected from the airport, transported to the Luxury Fishing Lodge (by road or boat – dependent on the tides) and be ready to indulge in the passionate sport of extreme fishing within an hour on arrival.

Road Travel to Silver Fish Lodge
Alternatively, you can travel by road - approx. 450km north of Maputo. It is not necessary to utilize a 4x4, roads can be navigated in standard vehicles. There is safe and secure parking available at the Luxury Silverfish Lodge.

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23° 41' 48 S
35° 22' 37 E


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