Barra Beach accommodation Guide - information and photographs of Manta da Barra Barra Beach Mozambique.

Manta da Barra Barra Beach Mozambique

Welcome to Manta da Barra, enjoy a stay at Manta da Barra in the Barra Beach area of Mozambique, all the information you need about accommodation prices how to book a room and directions to Manta da Barra Barra Beach Mozambique. See you soon

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Welcome to Manta da Barra Lodge! Manta da Barra offers rustic and affordable Mozambique self-catering accommodation in 4 or 8 sleeper chalets.

Manta da Barra Reservations:

Manta Da Barra Lodge is situated in Ponte de Barra, Inhambane, Mozambique, approximately 480 kilometers (6-7 hours drive) from Maputo and 25km from the historical town of Inhambane. Access by road is a pleasant drive by tarred road, which is suitable for the passage of a normal vehicle. However, the last 2km's leading to the lodge is a dirt road and is only accessible with a 4x4 vehicle. Storing arrangements for normal vehicles can be made by the management of Manta da Barra Lodge at one of our neighboring lodges at a minimal cost.


Accommodation at Manta da Barra, Barra Beach

Our accommodation consists of 21 equipped self catering casita and casa, and tourists only need to bring their own bedding and towels, we also suggest you bring a pot suitable for cooking prawns, maize porridge and potjie. Each casa / casita is equipped with the following: mosquito nets, warm water, electricity (there is a back-up generator in place if a power cut should occur.), cutlery/plates/glasses/cups, set of steel pots, fridge/freezer combo, 3 plate gas stove (no oven / microwave), braai stand and sieve in front of every living space.

For those who don't want to take a walk to the beach for a swim, we have a lovely swimming pool with braai's close-by, where you can relax.

Servants are available to clean your house, do the dishes and wash your clothes. They are always prepared to clean your fish and prawns, and are experts in this field.

We are also in the fortunate position to have a borehole on the premises, supplying the lodge with water which is a 100% safe for drinking and cooking purposes.

Whether you are a keen fisherman, exploring photographer, family in need of a rest or a couple who wants a romantic getaway, Manta da Barra Lodge is the place for you. You'll wish you could stay forever!


The different reefs in the Bay of Barra and the warm waters of Mozambique provide some of the best game fishing in the world. It is easy and safe to launch your ski-boat from the beach. We support Tag & Release but you are welcome to take your catch home. Some of the Game species in these waters are: Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfin tuna, Kingfish, Prodigal Sun, Barracuda, Sailfish, Wahoo, Rainbow Runner and many more.

• The calm waters of the bay provide excellent fly-fishing or you can venture into the huge lagoon by boat or fly-fish from its side. The accessible beaches offer endless opportunity for rock and surf fishing.

• A “ fishing sport license “ is required for all the water sports, including fishing competitions, and can be obtained from the Maritime Administrator in each provincial capital city or from a yacht club.

• Boats can only be launched from access roads. Noise should be minimized and care must be shown for the safety of people on the beaches ( maximum speed 15Km/h).

Please do not interfere with the activities of the local fisherman, as they depend on fishing for their livelihoods.

Water sports:
There is an array of water-based activities for both divers and non-divers to take part in. Various well-equipped diving charters Divers: (enter for more information)... with experienced diving instructors are available in the area, enabling you to enjoy some of the world's best scuba waters. There is a total of 14 reefs to explore from Open Water depths to Advance including the world famous Manta Reef.

For the not-so-adventurous, we suggest snorkeling in the beautiful tidal pools, the sea or in the lagoon, which is a truly unforgettable experience.

With whale sharks and dolphins pretty much all year round in the Barra / Tofo area, the possibility for both divers and non-divers to have an unforgettable experience, is excellent. There are also Whale Shark trips, weather permitting, for families and friends to join the experience.

Other activities include sailing and yachting trips, Canoeing and Horse riding, which can all be arranged at nearby venues.

At Manta da Barra Lodge quad bikes are allowed to drive in and around the resort. We know that most quad drivers are responsible people but there are elements that have no respect for other people and their properties, so please abide by the rules as specified by Lodge Management.

Shopping and Sightseeing:
Inhambane is the oldest port on the Southern African coast. Interesting places to visit are the museum, the Old Catholic Cathedral, the graveyard. There are also some wonderful old houses and buildings. From Inhambane you can take a trip on a ancient Dhow to Maxixe. Take your time to walk around Maxixe and do some shopping at the market and Indian shops for unbelievable bargains and exceptional curios!

Local crafts and indigenous art can be purchased from all markets. These include masks, carvings and ornaments made of wood, soapstone, malachite and wire, as well as pottery, paintings and basket ware. Avoid purchasing natural items like ivory, as it is illegal to export these without a license. Other items that can be bought are grass mats to use on the beach, hats and salad bowls.

In the city of Inhambane you will find the local market. All of the above as well as a selection of fruit and vegetables, fish and prawns can be bought here. Make sure of the freshness of the prawns and fish. You can also change money at the market at a reasonable rate from the cigarette sellers. A bottle store is on the corner opposite of the market where soft drinks, beer and spirits are readily available. Right opposite the bottle store there is a bakery where you can buy fresh bread and rolls (Pao).

In Inhambane there are 3 restaurants with a selection of fine foods. The Masaroco Restaurant is opposite the Bank Commercial were the ATM is. Another one is on the waterfront next to the cathedral, called Pachicha with pizzas that will tantalize your taste buds! The third restaurant is situated on the grounds of Fervario Cottages next to the hospital at the waterfront.

In Tofu we recommend two restaurants. On Sundays the Albatross has a great lunch buffet with lots of seafood. Please remember to book before hand. You can also dine at Casa Barry, which is situated right on the sea.

While in Maxixe, you can have lunch at the STOP Restaurant. The food is good and tasteful. Watch out for the peri-peri dishes, as it can spoil your meal. IT IS VERY HOT!!!

There is also a variety of tropical beach bars in the vicinity, each characterized with its own island style vibe.

Capturing the moment:
For photographers (both amateur and professional), the area surrounding Manta da Barra Lodge paths the way for exquisite once in a lifetime photography. Whatever the moment you would like to capture - underwater sea life, spectacular sunsets and sunrises, historical buildings, subtropical scenery or just fun holiday photos - Manta Da Barra Lodge is the place for you to do this from.


What to bring:

Clothing -
• Fleece jacket or sweater and a warm jacket for cooler days and the occasional slightly chilly evening

• Swimwear

• A hat and sunglasses

• Long sleeved shirts and long pants (light) for the evenings (it is important to cover most of your body for protection against mosquitoes - including wearing socks and shoes).

• Sandals /Comfortable walking shoes, Shorts, T-shirts, Sarongs, Summer dresses etc - the dress code in Mozambique is very relaxed.

Documents & Formalities -
• Driver’s license & ID Books – VERY IMPORTANT
• Passport must be valid for 06 months after return
• Vehicle Registration papers
• The following DO NOT require a visa:

1) Nationals of Mozambique
2) Stays up to 90 days for nationals of Malawi
3) Stays up to 30 days for nationals of Mauritius, South Africa, Zambia & Zimbabwe

• 2 x Emergency Triangles
• Registration papers for trailers.
• Please keep all documents close, as you can be requested to show them at any time, but don’t hand them over to anyone.

Other Items -
• Sunscreen
• Camera film and batteries (these are not easily found in Mozambique)
• Mosquito repellent (Tabard, Peaceful Sleep, citronella etc.)
• Mosquito coils to burn in your chalet
• Malaria precautions
• Torch & candles (citronella candles are good for the mozzies too!)
• Snorkel, mask, fins, – most places that have a scuba operation offer these for hire
• Small medical kit with basic items - Hydrogen peroxide is very effective for insect bites and scratches. Also an ointment for insect bites and other basic supplies
• Lavender Oil and pure alcohol to disinfect wounds or scratches
• Beach umbrella

Small Comforts -
• Bring extra fruit juice (sodas are available at all shops & markets but fruit juice is scarce)
• Your favorite South African wines
• & dips / chips and other snack food

You are allowed to take meat and groceries to the value of $50 (+R350.00) per person. A rule of thumb is to take meat for every second night. Prawns, crayfish, crab, calamari and fish are available for the rest of the time. Fresh seafood can be bought from the locals who come around to the resort or from the fresh produce market in Inhambane.

A new butchery has opened in Maxixe. They stock good quality meat from South Africa, but they are expensive. Maxixe is 70 km from Inhambane by road but you can take a water taxi called a Dhow across the estuary. The distance by water is 4 km.


Of southern Africa's 900 or so bird species, around 740 have been recorded in Mozambique. It is a great country to spot some of southern Africa's rarest birds and any bird watcher’s dream. The extremely - and increasingly rare - olive-headed weaver, which lives in the canopies of deciduous brachystegia trees near the town of Panda in the Inhambane Province, is a prized tick for bird-watchers.

Most of Mozambique's vegetation is brachystegia woodland, a type of savannah that covers approximately 70% of the country. Brachystegia is named after the brachystegia genus, a native to tropical Africa known locally as Miombo. Brachystegia appears in many southern African countries, but Mozambique's brachystegia woodlands are much denser and the trees taller than those of its neighbors.

Mozambique's beach vegetation consists of dense scrub-brush and impressive palm groves.

Mozambique has a tropical climate with year-round sunny skies, so whenever you choose to travel you can look forward to lots of sunshine.

Most of Mozambique falls within the tropics, so it rarely gets cold. The rainy season is from October to April and the temperatures can get very hot and humid, particularly December, January and February. The winter months are ideal, with mild temperatures and it is generally dry.

The best time to travel to Mozambique is during the winter months from May to October, as these experience the least rainfall.

If the main focus of your holiday is game viewing, then the best time to visit Mozambique is in the months of August and September, towards the end of the dry season. The best time for bird watching is usually December to April, which is the hot, rainy season.

A wide variety of fish are attracted to the warm waters of Mozambique, with larger fish populating the waters in summer, and small to medium sized fish in winter, making the coast a good year-round fishing and diving destination. The best time to go fishing for Marlin is from September to January, while Sailfish season runs from May to September.

Vehicles and Boats:
• It is illegal to drive on the beaches and this may only be done when launching a boat. Many resort owners allow driving on the beaches, but besides being illegal (your vehicle may be impounded if you’re caught), it is not very friendly to the environment – A lot of your reason for visiting Mozambique is probably because of its pristine nature, and we would like to preserve this for generations to come.

The Law:
• It is not uncommon to be stopped at one of the police checkpoints. Follow these basic guidelines to avoid any problems.
• Wear seat belts all the time
• Stick to the speed limit – This is usually 40 / 50 km/ph in towns and 120 km/ph on the open road
• Display your emergency triangles in a visible place.
• Red triangles are required if you are towing and need to be displayed on the front of the vehicle and back of trailer
• If you get stopped, and you are in the wrong, pay the fine but insist on a receipt. If you are sure you are not guilty ask to go with them to their office and speak with their commander. Remember only the police in the white uniforms are allowed to stop and fine you for traffic violations.
• If you do get stopped, be patient and polite. They will normally want to see your driver’s license, 3rd party insurance and road tax (purchased at the border). If you can, avoid handing these documents over to the officials. Instead, start a conversation and be friendly and humorous. Don’t be nervous and flustered – there is nothing to be afraid of! (Unless you’ve broken the law!)
• No firearms are to be brought into Mozambique – Besides the fact that you will not need a gun, if the authorities find you with one, expect to be in deep trouble.
• Fires, littering, the use of fire works, and the processing of fish are prohibited on all the beaches in Mozambique.
• Mozambique is a relatively low-risk country as far as crime is concerned and the vast majority of visits to Mozambique are trouble-free. Even so, keep a close watch on your possessions in busy places and keep all your valuables in a hidden money belt.


Guiding you from the border post to...

Driving from Pretoria or Johannesburg, it is approximately 4 – 5 hours drive to the Komatiepoort border. Manta Da Barra Lodge is approximately another 480 kilometers (6-7 hours drive) from Maputo.

At the border post
Border times:
• Komatipoort (Ressano Garcia) - open every day of the year between 07h00 – 22h00. During the busy December period (generally from 20 December to 03rd January) this border stays open 24-hours.
• Oshoek/Ngwenya (South Africa / Swaziland) – opens at 07h00, closes at 20h00.
• Kosi Bay/Ponta d’ Ouro (Faranzela ) – opens at 08h00, closes at 17h00.
• Namaacha/Lomaacha (Swaziland/Mozambique) – opens at 07h00, closes at 18h00.

Now you are really on your way!

The road from the Border to Maputo is a new tollgate road and you can pay with meticais or rands. When you reach MAPUTO, drive until you reach the first robot and turn left on the double road. There is another tollgate on this road. Here you can only pay with meticais. A few km’s after the tollgate you will get a slipway to the left with ‘n signboard indicating the route to Xia Xia. Turn left and keep on this road, it will take you to Xia Xia and Inhambane. It is on this road, after approximately 36 km’s that you will find Casa Lisa and Blue Anchor Bay on your left hand side.

The first big town you will find is MASIA. Next to the BP Service Station is a thatched roof restaurant where tourists can grab a bite to eat for breakfast. The service is quick and efficient. If you want to buy cashew nuts, this is the place. There are plenty at a cheap price. Please inspect them for quality before buying.

When you reach XIA XIA you must fill up with fuel. This will see you through to Inhambane, which is 260 km away. The first 80 km from Xia Xia to Inhambane is the only bad piece of road left. Please drive slowly and carefully because you can easily lose a tyre in a pothole. After 80 km, the road has been rebuild and is in good condition.

The first big town after XIA XIA is QUISICO. There is a beautiful picnic spot with a view over the lake and the sea. Fuel is also available in this town.

The next big town is INHARIME. There is a petrol station 1 km out of town on the left side of the road. You are now about 100 km from Inhambane.

From there it is about 60 – 70 km to s small town called LINDELA. The road splits here, with the left-hand split taking you on to MAXIXE and BEIRA. Here you must turn right to Inhambane. Watch out for the turn off as you can easily miss it. From here it is approximately 40 km’s to Inhambane. As you reach INHAMBANE, please be on the lookout - there are speed humps that are not clearly marked and this can damage your car or trailer. Carry on straight with this road, go past the hospital and the graveyard. The estuary is on your left side. Carry on till you get the harbour and the jetty on the left, on the opposite side is a double road (Broad Road – DA Independecia).

Turn right here. Follow the road, which passes the Petromoc Service Station. If you need to fill up, do it now or other wise continue to the elongated circle and turn right (going around the back of the circle). This is the road to Tofo and Barra. Cross over a derelict railway line and continue with this road which will eventually bear right (Inhambane airport will be sign-posted straight-ahead). Continue with this road for approximately 20kms until you reach the Bar Babalaza Restaurant on your right. The road splits here, with the tar road to the right leading to Tofo and the dirt road to Barra. Continue straight ahead with the hard sand road (approximately 5-7kms) and turn right at the Manta Da Barra Lodge sign-board, which is situated with various other signboards on the right-hand side of road.

We recommend that you deflate your tyres to approximately 1 bar at this point, as the road to Manta Da Barra Lodge is very sandy – suitable for 4x4 or all-wheel drive vehicles which have sufficient road clearance. Passenger vehicles will get stuck!

Follow the road (Lighthouse Road) for approximately 1,2 km’s. Manta Da Barra Lodge is situated Just before the Vodacom aerial to the left, and the entrance is marked with a signboard.

You have reached your destination…..Welcome to Manta da Barra Lodge!

Manta da Barra Reservations:


Manta da Barra Prices

Prices are per

Room Type


Mid Season

Low Season






















Type of Accommodation at Manta da Barra

Self Catering

Room/Chalet equipment

Cutlery & Crockery
Braai Facilities
Gas cooker
Fridge/ Freezer
Back-up generator



Towels Provided


Distance from beach


Road Access


Collect from Border


Collect from Airport


Nearest Border


Airport Nearby

Yes / Inhambane

Credit cards accepted


Pet Policy




Local Mobile Phone coverage


Power supply

Mains / Generator

Plug points

Mozambique electricity plug 2 Pin round

Activities/dive centre

Scuba Diving
Boat Trips
Ocean Safaris
Deep Sea Fishing Charters
Quad Bike Tours and Hire



Shops nearby


Drinking Water


Mosquito nets provided



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